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sustainability assessments

Sustainable Development is about what people do.


Sustainable development can be a complex concept. That’s why we ensure the content of the game fits the context of the player.


Gaming offers a safe learning environment, stimulating in-depth engagement and interaction. Having fun is key.


Gain insight into your own strengths & weaknesses and those of the group. Improve, measure and replay at any time.

test the prototype

We just released (August 22nd) the first prototype of the assessment framework, we named it: The Sustainability Games

To test it, send us your name and e-mail adress and we will provide you (within 5 workdays) with an URL and password.
(Dutch only - The English version will be released before the end of 2017.)


We are building the world’s first gamified sustainability competence assessment framework.


We believe that people stand at the very base of sustainable development. Our research*, however shows, that the vast majority of our current workforce is not (yet!) equipped with the right skillset and values to tackle the sustainability challenges that lie ahead.

This means that two challenges will need to be addressed full-on:

  • The lack of human capital for sustainable development
  • Insufficient attention paid to sustainability in education (from kindergarten to postdoc)

We want to fill that gap by:

  • helping organisations identifying existing knowledge, skills & value gaps around sustainability
  • ensuring that lessons learned during company assessments are fed back to schools and universities so that we can futureproof our next generation

And what better way to do this than by playing a game! Our Prototype ‘The Sustainability Games’ is now ready to be played.

Green Generation is a Dutch social enterprise that endeavours to integrate sustainability in education from primary school to professionals. The first prototype of the assessment framework, called The Sustainability Games, is produced by GG. This year a new brand will launched and then the Assessment Framework and accompanying services will be an independent social enterprise.

The Start-UP Team


Chief of Marketing Strategy

Lisa Olsthoorn

Business Developer


Chief of Technology

Denzel Hagenbeek

UI/UX Designer

van Veelen

Animator, Graphic Designer


Chief of Chiefs

Many others support the team with expertise on sustainability, HR, education, ART and gamification.

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